First, Phaeton to keep Oppo car.

So, as I posted some time ago, I'm starting a new job as an in-home caretaker for mentally handicapped individuals. I'm now officially trained, certified in CPR, first aid and administering medications. I start training with the individuals themselves Wednesday I think. Big change from all my previous lines of work, which, for the past nearly 8 years has been some sort of customer service position.

This past Thursday was the last day at a job that I held for over three years. At 25 years old, that's a pretty long time to hold a job, since I started working fresh out of high school at 18. It was a call center for Medicare Part D insurance through Aetna. It was a terribly shitty job, but I made some good friends there, and I will miss it a bit. But, here's to new beginnings!