I’ve made it to Joshua tree national park. It’s midday and I haven’t died of heat stroke yet so it’s actually pretty nice out. I just ate my lunch (Costco chicken and some chips) and set up my shade under a tree. Decent shade in this campground from all of the Joshua trees around. Definitely gonna be a good spot for stars later too with plenty of open clear sky and nothing around for miles.


It’s actually a relatively pleasant temperature here, especially in the shade with a nice breeze flowing. It’s mid 90s but it’s just after 1300 so it shouldn’t get too much hotter. I plan on driving through the park and taking some short walks to see the touristy stuff. I figured originally that I would just chill in the shade and relax till dark but this really isn’t bad at all. Strenuous hike might suck but I don’t need to do that to feel accomplished lol.

Campground has water, which is a pretty rare thing around these parts of the desert. Not entirely sure it’s potable but generally I can assume a pump like that with clear water coming out is drinking water. Still shouldn’t need it unless I stay another day anyways. Just paid for the one night but if the weather is similar tomorrow, then I think I can make it for another night under the stars.

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