So they can make the mid-engine Prius GT300-R the world deserves.

Like this but with less wang, less cylinders, more electric power, more lighter, and more exhaust-blown diffusers.

Just use a turbo Camry V6 (350hp) in place of the V8 and bump up the electric system so it makes 150 hp and 200 lb-ft, and do fuck-all to make it weigh 2,000 lbs, including a full carbon monocoque, reducing most electronic nannies (just ABS, TC, Launch) and less wang (the goal is a 203 mph car), but make use of exhaust-blown diffusers and the stickiest, toughest road-going Advan Yokohama makes (actually make it so there are two optional tire packages: specially-developed versions of these two and these two).

Oh, and before I forget, optional manual transmission and tower-shifted sequential.