OK, so I came across this 2012 Orlando after trying to help someone else on here who is in that area and looking for a minivan. But I think it’s so cool that it deserves its own post. I also sent it to graverobber for NPOCP

It’s $5000 Canadian and has a manual transmission and 3 rows of seats. And it’s a 4-cylinder, so easier to work on than a transverse V6. And it’s also a base model, oppo-spec, not-very-teched-up modern 7-passenger family car thing

The Orlando was never sold down here, and I don’t think there was any manual 7-seater sold in the US in recent times for that matter. AFAIK, the last time we got 3 rows and 3 pedals was at least 5 years ago in the Mazda 5 (they eventually stopped selling the manual 5 here, and later on they stopped selling the 5 down here AT ALL). Canada still gets the Mazda 5 with a manual, and they even still get the Rondo, which is also available with a stick (US-market Rondos were automatic-only)

Honestly, I’d actually consider this Orlando myself even though I don’t normally buy cars without a sunroof.