If the listed price is correct, $500!!! I can’t speak French, but the Google Translate translation doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense...anybody speak French that can provide a more sensible translation? It mentions something about ‘plated’ and ‘not having’ ‘paper’...is it saying it couldn’t be registered...?

Google Translatified:
“Citroen ax 1.1i 1990 very rare only 22 000km body as new interior also except the cluster which is to break the engine is new transmission can be plated but I do not have the perfect paper for piece decoration shell of drag or put it back 1200 $ or exchange ofrez I am open 8194735821"


But I mean, it looks in great shape and I can’t imagine it would be hard to get running! And $500!

EDIT - Found another translation that seems to suggest no engine....that explains the cheap price. :/ Are AX 1.1L engines hard to find? :O

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