I've been toying with the idea of getting my motorcycle license. Here in MA I just fill out a form, take a written test, and pay $15 to get a permit good for two years. My step-Dad has an 80's Yamaha of some sort (XZ maybe?) in our storage unit. It doesn't run, but fixing it would be cheaper than buying my own.

A full M Class license is an additional $50 fee and a free road test.

The problem is I already have a license and a car. Getting a motorcycle, no matter how cheap it is, would just be an unnecessary expense. As a college student, I'm just not at a stage in my life where it would be practical to get a "just because" vehicle.

*UPDATE* A few people have pointed out that a Yamaha XZ 400/550 might be too much bike for a novice to handle. While I have not driven a motorcycle before, I have driven mopeds and dirtbikes so I do have some experience with operating a two-wheeled vehicle. I'm confident enough to give it a go with the larger bike.

I haven't seen the bike in a few years but pictures of the XZ seem to match my memory so that's what I'm going by. It could turn out to be a completely different model. The only concrete thing I remember was that it had a "YICS" (Yamaha Induction Control System) badge on it.


*UPDATE #2* I went to go take a look at the bike. Find out about it here.