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Somebody's having a bad day.

Today I was going to a craft store for stuff and things, and that meant going to the busiest street in town. (Seriously, why is there only ONE road to get to the biggest mall in the county??) Anyway, while waiting to turn, I saw an Xterra pull out of a parking lot to my left and promptly explode into a cloud of greyish white smoke. They pulled over almost immediately, and what's weird is there was a cop directly behind them who just continued on his way. Then, as soon as the Xterra pulled over, it drove off again, burning coolant and spewing a thick, blinding white cloud across the road. So yeah, screw you, officer; you could have saved this poor ignorant person's car from further damage while also potentially saving lives from driving blindly through smoke, but you didn't even stop.

Also, to the driver of the Xterra: It's a head gasket and nothing more. But since you decided that's okay to take onto the freeway, you'll probably be convinced that your car needs a complete engine rebuild for $15,000. Please don't be as stupid as you probably are.


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