Someday I’ll be able to walk into a Salvation Army, see a neat old Snapper lawnmower for $30, and not buy it. I hope that day doesn’t come for a while though, cause this thing is awesome.

I’ve had my share and probably the next two guys’ shares of Snapper Hi-Vacs, but I’ve never had one with a) a Wisconsin Robin engine, 2) a 2 stroke engine, and D) a Pac N Sac bagger. I’m honestly not even sure of the point of it, because the regular Hi-Vac bag is probably the finest push mower bagging system ever created...give me a Hi-Vac with a Snapperizer and I’ll show you the ultimate fall cleanup tool.

I’m not too sure of the engine. It’s not stuck, but it’s tough to pull over...I’m going to stand it on end and put some Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinder, see if I can’t free it up a little bit before I fill it with gas and oil. I think even if the engine was totally stuck I’m going to make money on it, so that’s good.


Anyway, that’s the dumb thing I bought today. Any of you guys buy any good dumb shit lately?