Yep I do indeed still own it. Without going into too much personal detail, I went through some circumstances that caused the car to sit idle. I was engaged to be married and had sold the car to my best friend Nathan to help fund a wedding. One day things just didn’t work out and that was that.

In lieu of that, Nathan being the awesome human he is basically handed me the car back because of how things happened. Honestly I couldn’t stand to look at the car because I was just in a really rough place mentally. I wasn’t sure when I would be getting around to it.

I’m happy to say that things have looked up for me a lot lately and I’m incredibly thankful to have my spark back. This car has been mine for 3.5 years and that’s like a record for me. I look at it now and it’s not bad memories; it’s memories of the best times I’ve had with a car. I instantly flash back to my daughter wanting to ride in it constantly, and driving her to see Christmas lights in it. I realized I just had to look past what I went through and use the car to fix that wound.


Having worked on a few DSMs these last few weeks, I’d just realized that I need to get back to it. It’s time I finish what I’d started and enjoy those feelings again. So thanks to my father, I ordered a complete engine gasket set. Because he had went ahead and done that for me, I went a little hard in the paint on a early Black Friday sale Extreme PSI is having.

I ordered a 70mm S90 throttle body, a new knock sensor (discontinued so that was rough) turbo gaskets, balance shaft eliminator kit, and more. Everything I’ll need to make this car permanently perfect, I’ve ordered it. Additionally I ordered some v-band stuff to refabricate all of my charge pipes utilizing v band security instead of couplers.

Hopefully by Valentine’s Day I’ll have this car ready to rock and roll. Since we are doing the balance shaft delete (pulling the motor) I’m also going to get some new ACL race rod and main bearings, a Kiggly main girdle and a Kiggly HLA. I’m beyond excited to drive my baby again, and so is my kiddo.


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