Illustration for article titled Someone broke into my car last night

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Someone did dig through the stuff in my car, but I suspect that I accidentally left it unlocked last night. Nothing was broken, and as best I can tell, nothing is missing, not even the change in the coin holder.

When I opened the driver’s door I noticed a few shift knobs that were in the center console sitting in the driver’s seat. And when I started driving I noticed a door ajar light which is usually the rear hatch (and it was in this case). Last time, someone broke a window and grabbed my GPS, but this time the GPS was sitting by the parking brake; I guess those things don’t have much value on the black market these days. Last night I did remove two computers, and a couple of weeks ago I took out the Shop Vac, so other than some wipers, a hard drive array box, a vintage shortwave radio and a bunch of water and sodas, there really isn’t much to steal.


I guess I should be grateful that nothing was broken and nothing appears to have been taken, but it’s a little unsettling nonetheless. Ah, the joys of living in the ‘hood...

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