It’s been a while since I last bought a bike. I generally feel this is a good thing. I have a collection of toys I really love from my Goldwing to the CBR F3 I will ride through June and I don’t want to sell any of them. With that said, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking for any cool finds...

If I were to sell a bike, I’d sell the CF Moto. I’ve narrowed down that I want my next bike to be a BMW or Triumph. However, since I only work at the bottom of the market, any BMW or Triumph that shows up is either catastrophically broken or gets sold only a couple hours after it gets posted.


There were a couple of finds that made me think about parting ways with money, like this VFR 700 Interceptor. But ultimately, I love my current crop of runners (EVERYTHING RUNS!) to take on something that doesn’t run...even if I absolutely adore the Interceptor paint schemes.

During today’s search I stumbled on this Mini and for a brief moment I considered sending a message.


It looks in decent shape and even has a 5 speed! Apparently it has a misfire. My experience with smarts says a misfire could be a coil, plug, or low compression. All but that last one have easy fixes.


On the other hand, I hear Minis are nightmares and I don’t know anything about them, so this sounds like a money pit.

Would you buy a $900 “Mechanic’s Special” Mini with a misfire? I mean, it’s basically an old BMW, right? lol

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