So I have located the SS I want at two different dealerships, one with sunroof and one without.

I apply for a loan with Dealership A in advance since I’ve had good luck with rates in the past through dealerships. They come back with the best they can do: 3.89% 60 for 60 months (even though I requested 48)

Certainly doesn’t sound right when I got 2.65% on a USED truck for more money financed back in January.

So I go directly to chase to check what I can get through them. Long story short Dealership A already applied for a loan in my name through chase and they can’t accept a 2nd application unless I identify a different participating dealership.

So I use Dealership B and it immediately comes back at 2.02% for 48mo or 2.04% for 60mo.


I am going to dealership A first thing in the morning to discuss this with them and if they won’t play ball, I can live without a sunroof if all the other numbers match.