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Someone finally did it - 2018 Camry V6 vs Accord Ecoboost Type R 2.0T

Comparison test on Motor Trend - yeah, a magazine, like what people read before Jalopnik came out :p

But since the main selling point of these cars is reliability, the real test will be 200,000 miles from now.


It’s the CTR vs the Lotus Evora hahaha

Just too bad there’s no Accord Type R, with the full 300+ hp from the CTR, and too bad no Camry XRS with the supercharged V6 from the Evora. Street cred in a family car yo


The Accord should’ve been a hatchback with a rear wiper. A Camry wagon would’ve been nice, too. Actually, the reason Honda didn’t make it a hatchback with a rear wiper is because they were afraid Toyota would make a wagon with TWO rear wipers and thereby out-awesoming them and then they’d cower in fear or something.

Remeber that Honda killed the Accord coupe because of the Mustang. Honda directs anyone looking for an Accord coupe to their local Ford dealer.

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