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Someone help me, I'm close to officially going crazy.

EDIT TO CLARIFY: I don’t intend to use this for all that much/attempt to get it done in a certain timeframe. Likely this’ll just be something to wrench on for a while and develop my amateur mechanic skills further. If it works out, I’ve got a rare (unless you count it as the same car as the Legend) little British sedan to use. If not, I can sell it to a junkyard (this place is a private scrapyard for a small mechanic’s shop) for about the same amount I might buy it for.

Hi oppo. First post here.

Because I’m equal parts stupid and crazy, this Sterling 825 *might* be my next car/project.


It has literally sat in the same spot since 2004.


It hasn’t been run at all in that timeframe, its sun-damaged, and the driver-side windows were busted out at some point apparently quite a while ago.


Worst part is, I still have no idea what’s under the hood.

No guarantees, but if the yard says it doesn’t require total engine replacement, it’s probably mine.


Lord help me.

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