So wreck my bike I was about to sell. Buy a new CBR1000, buy a neighbors Ninja 500 to resell, and now bought a Yamaha R6 to resell too.

Paid 500 bucks for the ninja, needs tires and its ready to go.

Paid 1200 for the R6. It needs all its body panels and all its lights. Just a frame with and engine, and a seat. It runs and drives.

Also, my sportster too. Bought from Copart, needs forks, front wheel and tire. Then inspected and ready to be sold.

So, theres my wrecked GSXR in the garage, a Ninja 500, my new CBR, the sportster, and the r6. My friends bike is in there too, its a harley bagger, its what he calls it.


The Ninja is tan/gold with red accents. CBR and Sportster is too. The GSXR is blue and white. The R6 will be yellow(found a set of panels on ebay for it, thats freshly painted yellow)

I have more bikes than I need and want. I need to sell them. The R6 will be gone fast. Once its panels and lights are here, ill sell it.


Ninja will have a buyer friday. Guy already gave me half of what I wanted.

Once the r6 gets its panels Ill sell it.

The sportster is at the harley dealer for an inspection on its new parts. Just something I wanted done for peace of mind for the next buyer.


Gsxr will be gone when insurance company pays and picks it up. They aint getting it til I get a check.

CBR is my new toy and Ive already got 300 miles on it. Left my car at the dealer, ill pick it up tomorrow when Im out that way in my work truck.


Any excuse to go riding, I have been. Cant wait for my cover to show up. A black bike in the summer, I dont need my chestnuts roasting.