Chris's article on Flight Club today reminded me that I once stumbled upon two Sukhoi Su-27 "Flanker" fighters that were for sale in the US.

Back in 2009 Pride Aircraft, a warbird dealer out of Rockford, IL, had the two Russian-made fighters for sale for about $10 million, I believe. The website was updated toward the end of that year to say that the first one had completed a successful test flight after being restored. Sometime after that they aircraft were sold.


FAA records show that both Flankers were last registered to a Meridian Inc., out of Wilmington, DE, with certificates that expired in 2013. Flight Aware lists only one flight for N131SU back in 2009 and doesn't list anything for its brother, N132SU.

Information beyond that is hard to come by so it's not certain what the current status of the Flankers is, or what the owners may have planned for them. My wish would be that they make their way onto the airshow circuit, but that seems like a long shot at best.