So MrsZtp asked me to dig up these stepping stones that go from the front to the backyard. While digging them up I noticed a pattern; a circle then a square block. Thing is, there was massive gaps in the pattern. Long story short, they were buried in the dirt..

Shown here with all blocks discovered...unless there is a secret path somewhere.

Once I speculated the possibility of more blocks, I started stabbing the ground with the shovel until I heard a noise. This happened six times.

How does this even happen?!

Most of the hidden blocks were buried under a inch of dirt and grass. I have no idea how these got buried so deep and the others didn’t.


It was these grouping of blocks that were mostly buried. We’ve lived at this house for over a year now, and we had no idea what was under the soil.


This one wasn’t buried completely, just a lot of growth.

And they had growth on it worst than this one. This one was easy to find because you could still see the stone.


Overall there are 18 stones on the east side of the house; out of the original 12 that we knew about, I discovered 6 more, and only 1 was broken. Unfortunately, the other side of the house has a few stepping stones as well, and I wonder if any more are hidden over there too...


So far, outside, we’ve discovered an airsoft shotgun, a mirror with its glass shattered, many tarps covered by dirt, softball bats, padding for some sport, fishing poles, silverware, drinking cups, a steak knife, a badminton net, and that’s all I can think of at the top of my head.

Does anyone else find weird stuff like this? Stuff that makes you question everything like ‘how’ and ‘why’?