It's not exactly where I want it to be, but I had a very nice chat with a woman over email and her husband over the phone. They saw my ad on Autotrader, recognized it as local, and gave me a buzz.

Plot twist(s):

  • My mom designed their kitchen and two of their bathrooms.
  • And the wife's sister's entire house.
  • And she works with the husband's best friend's daughter.
  • And my mom and the wife are friends.
  • And the husband said, and I quote, "I know I can get a Jeep in very similar condition for [offer]... but knowing who's been driving it does hold value to me"

And I'm going to convince them to meet me in the middle or, more preferably, slightly above the middle.

And this is wonderful news because I just spoke to my friend who I work with at my grandfather's shop (he's full time, I work summers) and they've made some decent progress with the 2002. I have enough dough to pay for what they've done so far (and I can accumulate a little debt because I'm related to their boss) but the Jeep money will help with many more wonderful things.


Have a porn or three to celebrate this potentially newsworthy news.