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Someone (me) made a huge mistake in his E46 330i sedan...

Okay before I get a plethora of comments criticizing me for being a "stupid 19 year old with a BMW" let me clarify a few things:

  1. My BMW is a 2001 330i (and yes it has a fun stick in the middle).
  2. I live in the great state of New Jersey and I demoted my license to an ID only card for family insurance reasons.
  3. Yes I deserve the criticism, however I'm just looking for a little advice on how to proceed with my issue.
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(No that's not my car, but it's exactly the same aside from the interior. Mine's tan.)


Getting to the issue, I usually take the NJ Transit bus to class but on this day I was late for class, and decided in a rush that it would be okay to take my car to school. I made it there fine, obeying all speed limits strictly, keeping an eye out for patrol cars etc. On my way back from class, I was driving through my town (Ridgewood NJ if you care to know) and a pedestrian had just stepped out in to the crosswalk as I was going through the intersection. Next thing I know there are flashing lights in my mirror and a few expletives had already slipped out of my mouth at a high volume. To get to the point, I was presented with three beautiful tickets:

  1. Failure to stop for pedestrian (39:4:36) This carries two points in NJ and will run me about $200 if I pay it off.
  2. Failure to procure Drivers License (39:3:29-a) I do not believe this carries points, but it will cost me another $200 to pay it off.
  3. No Drivers License (39:3:10) Once again, I don't think this carries points, however the officer told me that I would most likely be served a fine and I was required to attend court.

After I had a friend come and drive my car home for me, I called and scheduled my court date as far out as I could (Thurs. February 26, 2015). If anyone has any experience with anything of this matter, or maybe someone is a lawyer, any advice would be wholeheartedly appreciated.

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