Long story short, my first car, a ‘08 pt cruiser hasn’t been running because it wouldn’t start; I was told it had a bad pcm. After sitting for a year, we had it towed to my in-laws, so my brother-in-law the mechanic could look at it. Hey, it’s out of my driveway. But the plot thickens as I was just texted that some things arent factory on the wiring harness.

Electrical tape, and butt connectors. Both not factory.
The wires inside the tape.
This wire is pinched, unsure if it’s broken or not.

Weirdly, the wires are in the vicinity of the PCM.

I’ve only really take this car to one of three places in Michigan; two are dealers and the other is a random mechanic place. So I’m thinking one of two things happened. Either someone at the dealership or the mechanics place messed with the harness and said nothing. Or that I bought the car this way, and no one has informed me for 5 years that the wires are messed up. *sigh*


Currently my brother-in-law is going to reattach the wires correctly, to see if indeed, my PCM is bad or not. Everyone cross your fingers please.