I know everyone is pissed that this happened, but I think there's a misunderstanding on what happened to some degree. I'm posting this as a Tesla fan, let's look at the timeline and some facts:

  • The Legislature passed a bill unanimously in the state senate (38-0) and almost unanimously in the house (106-1).
  • This bill updates wording on an already existing law that bans direct selling in Michigan.
  • The argument is that a couple of state reps added language in the bill that was anti Tesla.
  • Tesla sees this as an opportunity to drum up support against the bill and in support of their right to sell in Michigan.

Here is what is important to know:


In an interview, a Tesla spokesman said, "Tesla's only request, O'Connell said, is that the issue be debated in public and "in the light of the day."

Gov. Snyder addresses this in his video[1] he released after signing the bill.

Tesla's request is that this be debated in the light of day. Now here is where I am asking you to look away from the negatives and misleading information being mentioned and bring to light a positive. In the video, Snyder states: "Given all the concerns mentioned by people, I'm also putting a letter [to the legislature] with my bill signing saying that I will be open, and actually encourage discussion to make sure Michigan is viewed as a state that is open to products and services from all over the globe. And I hope they'll take up that concern and have a discussion in the future about what could be the best answers for Michigan's citizens."

To put it simply: The state already bans direct selling of cars in Michigan before this bill, since that was the case, and since this bill had almost unanimous support in the legislature, he signed it.

After signing it, he addresses the issue that Tesla and others have with the law in general by calling on the legislature to take up discussion on the law in general. This is a direct quote from the Governor's press release: "Calls for healthy, open discussion on potential changes to business model".

This means that he is calling on the state legislature to discuss the law overall and in doing that also allowing Tesla a chance to get in on the discussion. Because of this, what is important is that if you live in Michigan, you also encourage the legislature to discuss this issue as well.

After Gov. Snyder signed the bill, Tesla said they weren't sure if they would sue because, and this is a direct quote:"We do take at their word the representations from the governor that he supports a robust debate in the upcoming session," O'Connell said. "We've entered an era where you can buy products and services with much greater value than a car by going online."[2]

TL;DR: Whether this bill was signed or not, direct selling would still be against the law in Michigan. Snyder signed it because the bill had almost unanimous support in the legislature, not necessarily because he believes direct selling is bad. Snyder calls on the legislature to have open discussion on the overall law in order to make sure that Michigan is open to products and services from all over the globe.

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So while dead for now, it very well may not be dead for long. Snyder is to much of a business man to just kill these without giving the other side a shot.