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Someone pick up this Thunderbird

Since I missed yesterday due to the snow storm and me sleeping all day because I am awesome, I'll post 2 rescues today! One this morning and one this evening!

So, first up, it isn't really a rescue as much as it could be an investment, allow to be elaborate


It is a 1962 Thunderbird, and it looks as if the owner has stripped it down, fixed any defects on the body, and primered it. He says the engine works and that it runs, also says it's all electric (I assume power everything), however, it seems he half assed it by not taking out the engine and spraying down the engine bay as well, but the listing says 4k, so, give it a spray down, and it probably needs a decent tune up, and the interior will have to be completely restored, but it seems to be a great starting point, especially if you don't have the room for a full project this could be a rolling project.


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