Someone Please for the Love of... JUST GET THIS BIKE

A CBX for a big dual sport? I’m literally offering this guy any or multiple bikes out of my collection. Small price to pay for my dream machine. ❤️

None of my bikes fit what he’s looking for, but maybe one of you do!!! Holy crap the things I’d do to get my hands on one of these.


Link in the comments as well..

In other news, we’re currently glamping in Branson, MO. The travel trailer tried rolling down the mountain from the campsite. Thankfully the tongue dug into the ground before it got too far away. My dad definitely now realizes how much he needs wheel chocks...took me long enough to finally get that point across.

Stabilizer jacks got bent and loose from the catastrophe so we’re not using them. When we get home I’ll have to fix them.


The bathroom floor is also so soft I’m pretty sure only the linoleum is supporting the weight of whoever is using it. Thankfully the repair will either be covered by insurance or the damage will be so bad the trailer will end up totaled. That’ll be a shame, I like this rolling hotel room, save for the stupid mid 2000s quality luan construction..

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