Someone please keep me from looking at cars and trucks

I’m an old man at heart, and I’ve always wanted one of these. I’d finally have a big comfy leather chair to smoke cigars in. And this one has a sunroof. I wish the price was just a bit lower. (Also I wish it were black/black, but I do like this blue.)


Last night I found there’s a possibility that my GAP coverage includes an extra $1000 towards a replacement car financed through my credit union. This one is cheap enough that I could finance it only for a year or two and it wouldn’t impact my plan to pay off bills that much. I don’t know if they’re willing to finance a car so old though, even if it’s a short term loan. This thing would get driven less than 10k a year, maybe less than 5k. I doubt it would take much $$ for maintenance.

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