Someone please pwn my Yahoo Mail account

Because this is just about the trickiest situation of all time.

Above is a long-shelved thing I was doing on Bricklink’s CAD-like program (that I installed recently) and because it has its own rendering engine I decided to give building there a go, hoping I could post it on my own Flickr account. But there’s a catch: I can’t get through. Because I’ve since forgotten my password for it. No big deal, try it with my backup from Gmail.


This is the result:

Which now makes me wonder: what’s the association between my Gmail and the Flickr/Yahoo account? Is it the backup? If it was, why is there no “backup email” prompt?

To further compound my troubles, the old cell number I had used to two-factor my Yahoo is lost too. I don’t know it either, which means only my Gmail is the tangible link between me and that account.


At this point, I’m getting a bit desperate and about to sell parts of my soul just so a black-hat or white-hat could find my credentials in a sea of others. I do know for a fact that the address is pwned on the Collection 1 leak...

Advertisement yeah, go find it, I guess. That password is there, I just can’t be arsed to trawl through it (if I can even find it). There’s got to be a way to match that account to that password. Unless a link can be established between the Gmail and the Ymail, this is the lowest I’m going. Even then, I’m not sure what the fuck kind of password that account is using.

And yes, I still want to use Flickr. Because at least that can take big sizes, there’s a community there that I want to post to, and because IG isn’t that optimal.

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