As to why they couldnt give a shit less if H-D went under. And thinking about it, I agree with him.

Yeah, perhaps they could invest many millions into a bike that the youth are interested in - and then sell it in HD dealerships and treat the customers like shit. Then they could kill the company, rather than sell it to an interested party. See Buell.

Perhaps they could buy a fancy Italian company with a great brand name for $100,000,000 and sell it back for ONE FUCKING DOLLAR the next year. See MV Agusta.

Perhaps they could take what used to be the quickest bike available in the US (pre Japanese invasion) and have their dealers talk so much shit about it that a 1200cc 700 pound bike is considered a “girl’s bike” (as in a real man wouldn’t ride one). See Sportster (aka Skirtster)


Perhaps they should start a brand of aftermarket parts named after loud noise, and endlessly promote that “loud pipes equals freedumb”. See Screaming Eagle.

Fuck HD. They have pissed away every opportunity they ever had that didn’t involve building the same kind of bike over and over again. They shit on anybody who didn’t “ride American”, even though they only make cruisers. They shit on anybody who didn’t want full-fucking-retard loud bikes. They shit on Eric Buell and people who wanted to buy an American bike that was actually kind of sporty or off-roady. They shit on MV. They had so many chances to change, and fucked them all away.

Why the fuck should we care at this point?

Couldnt have said it better myself. Would much rather spend that coin on an indian and then some Jap sportbike to have fun with instead of ONE H-D


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