My wife came home in our E34 535i about a week ago and I noticed a 2 inch dent in the rear fender flare. She said she assumed it happened at work but hadn’t noticed. I kept my thoughts on this oversight to myself, and I had been planning on doing some work on it anyways. So I asked her to park it in the garage.

Here are some things I noticed.

The dent!

The wheel has a gouge near the outer part.

The tire has almost like a dent in it.

I have not gotten a chance to look underneath or drive the car(I had a bumper off and was trying to do some spot paint touch up).

So here is the hard part, I’m guessing after seeing my face, my wife must have started doing a little prodding of her co-workers, and someone has come forward saying they hit the car and they’d “find a way to pay to fix it”. My wife works with people that as far as I’m aware, don’t have lots of money.

This car is not perfect, especially the paint, and I’m less worried about the dent in the fender, which I think I’ll be able to get out with some clamps, wood, and magic, but more trying to figure out if I should be worried about the about the tire, alignment, suspension, and rear drive axle.

Could another car hitting my rear wheel as they are backing out cause any problems to cv joints or suspension? Is the tire deformity a sign of a potential problem and should I replace it?