It's been recovered.

Looks like the thief (or thieves) were looking for a joyride. Coat-hanger down the passenger door to unlock. Shaved key to start. Drove it off my driveway. The little dipshits didn't steal anything (other than a Blitz shift-knob that came with the car, and was obnoxiously loose on the stick anyway), but they took off my license plates and didn't even have the goddamned courtesy to leave them in my yard or something. Now I have to go get new plates.

I was just certain that the little fucktard would be smart enough to realize what was under the hood, and that I'd get my car back, sans RB. I got lucky

So they joyride it for what seems (based on gas consumption) like about 15 minutes and ditch it in an alley. Here are some observations:

1) The person(s) that stole my car is an asshole

2) Why don't I have a rev limiter again?!? (Once I drove my car out of impound, I had a blinking CEL that went away after a couple minutes...knock sensor anyone?)


3) My turbo sounds even sadder than it did on Friday. Could they have done the final deed and destroyed it? I should probably get that thing rebuilt? Yeah. Rebuild. I really wanted that honor.

4) Haha at them. My clutch is so badly burned up that as soon as you hit 7psi, it just slips. This makes my car not very fun to drive for me, and I'm not trying to hoon it around. Those idiots would have had more fun in a Buick Le Sabre (assuming the clutch is still good in it).

5) I'd only heard of shaved keys in passing. Now I have one. Will only use my powers for good.


Anyway, thought I'd share/vent.