A few days back I found a 1960 Bel Air on eBay.de.
I was curious to know how high it would get, since I have one myself (I know I shouldn’t).

The main differences between mine and this one is that this one is a 6 cylinder 4 door sedan, mine being a 2 door with a V8.

Since I missed the end of the auction for this Corvair (reserve not met) the day before, and the price for the Bel Air was still really low, I placed a bid, thinking: there’s no way I’m gonna get it at that price.

I got it.

Now I have to find/make a place to store it until I flip it. Since I go it at a good price, I should be able to make a nice profit for some paperwork and minor repairs.


The good points:
- Nice paint (has been repainted some years ago)
- No dents
- No perforating rust
- Already has an alternator
- Newish upholstery
- Three on the tree
- Bubbletop
- Complete history from 1964 on

The bad points:
- Too many doors
- Too few cylinders
- Leaky engine and transmission
- The door panels are now “minimalistic”
- Some missing trim
- Some minor repairs to do (bushings, mostly)
- Has been mostly sitting for 2 years