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Someone talk me out of buying this

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I'm now hypnotized by this ad


I've heard the horror stories of how much maintenance costs can be, but after doing a bit of research, and finding people who have claimed to have spent up to $63,685 in just 3 years of ownership, it looks like many of those stories are either tall tales, or the owners where real idiots when it comes to cars. Some of the prices for those parts just don't make sense, such as nearly $2k for tires. And everythingn has the stench of dealership inflation.

I know in my brain that this is somehow a bad idea, but I'm also doing a fair job of justifying the purchase, since I have the cash and I do a lot of highway driving up and down I-25. Plus, how can 500HP of B-pillarless turbo V12 be bad?

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