Quite literally (On a trailer).

The guy I got it from father had passed and this along with a GT380 and a GT185 were in a shed out back. I couldn’t talk him into letting me have those two, we’ll see though... It is a 79 Suzuki GS750, a 750CC air cooled, DOHC, inline 4. I’m not sure what I plan on doing with it yet...

I have the gas tank and it’s in decent shape (some minor rust, but nothing serious). I don’t have the keys for it, and it hasn’t been licensed since 1986...


I need to finish my Goldwing before I start anything else, but this has the potential to be turned into a pretty decent sport touring machine. I have a 73 CB750 I had planned on rebuilding, this one is tempting me at the moment though...


Oh, and it has a ridiculously low amount of miles on it.


I may clean it up and sell it as is though, I already have too many bikes and other projects. Anyone on Oppo interested in a decent and complete bike project?

[Edit- I'm just south of St Louis, MO]

Happy Monday Oppo!