When people complain about other people who buy cars that they don't "need." Which usually around these parts (or enthusiast sites/blogs in general) are people complaining about people buying SUVs.

Yes, these people don't need these big, expensive, body-on-frame trucks, but they want them. It's just the same as people wanting a Corvette or Miata. They don't need sporty 2-doors, but they want them. If we all didn't want or buy something more than we needed, we'd all be driving Malibus or Camrys around, and what fun would that be?

So let the people in their SUVs enjoy them, and you enjoy your sporty hatchback or whatever you drive. If they're happy and you're happy, who cares what they're driving?


Unless they cut you off without a blinker while on the phone, then give the hell. A lot of it.