Something I Want to do This Weekend

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Is film a (good) video of the exhaust sound on my GTO.

For anyone following along, the last news was that I finally started her up for the first time in over a year. All I did to accomplish that was buy a new battery. (Oil change will be coming very soon.) Since then, I’ve been trying to accumulate miles on her and alternating driving with my truck.


The reason for the long slumber was a toaster center carrier bearing bushing on the driveshaft. What this meant, was that the driveshaft could flop around a few inches in the center, and wasn’t at all ideal. I have now had installed a new center carrier bearing, rubber couplers on each end, and a diff mount insert. That has made the drivetrain way more solid, probably better than when I bought it over 9 years ago.

In addition to this, I brought with the new, aftermarket, midpipes that I bought years ago and hadn’t gotten around to installing. I figured that since the exhaust needs to be dropped to get to the driveshaft, and that exhaust has a lot of years and miles on it, it would probably stand that there are parts and hardware that will be good to replace.


Now, since it’s been years since I bought the midpipes, my memory has gone foggy on the specs of them. They are JBA, and catted (no reason to go catless for ~2hp, let’s be real), so they can go in place of the factory pipes and should bolt right up. I have JBA shorty headers on the car which I love. Years ago, when I was researching, the word was that the midpipes actually gave a bigger power boost than the headers. I just kind of remembered that as interesting.

Now, to more current times. I’ve gotten older. And I do like the sound of a good V8. But sometimes things can be too loud. Because I’m old. And the catback (Magnaflow) is quite old for an exhaust, too. The mating between the midpipes and the catback may not be ideal because of this, I’m told after the work was done. So I’m expecting to hear imperfections. And I certainly did hear more volume. At first I took that as a leak...


When I finally was able to do the research and look into my new midpipes again, I found the real story. The JBA mids get rid of the resonators that the factory parts have after the cats. Amd I’ve grown to accept this.

In fact, on decel, I can wait until DFCO has come on, blip the throttle the tiniest bit, and get some good loud cackling put the exhaust. It makes me giggle like a school girl. Anything that has that effect can’t be all bad.


So I’m back to trying to figure out if I want to stay a GTO person, or go for that next project...

For those that are following the GTO, “cool. “For those that read my rambling this far, “wow!”

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