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Something interesting happened...

My wife and out went out for lunch, and then embarked for a scenic backroad drive. A for house-for-sale barely stuck out from beneath some large evergreen trees. “C’mon,” she said. “It’ll be fun!” So I turned around on the next block and pulled into the hidden driveway. I almost wish I hadn’t.

What we found was a beautiful little home, with a fully fenced property, only one neighbor, utter privacy behind giant evergreens, and enough parking for all my crap.

It has less square footage than our current home, but has a large unfinished basement (insulated and sheetrocked).


It’s right next to a very busy road, but in a highly desirable neighborhood. And a two minute walk from one of the best city parks in the county. It is the absolute antithesis of my current neighborhood.

The top floor has actually been remodeled since the millenium, but MAN it is small... The deck is in amazing shape, great landscaping, big ol’ rectangular backyard. It has no garage at all. And I don’t think I care. I already know where I want to build one.


Back to reality: this will be a heartbreaker. They are accepting offers until this Wednesday. Tomorrow is an open house. It’s listed for below estimated value. This smells of a bidding war scenario. My best friend recently got slaughtered in a bidding war in a worse house, for more money.

We’re approaching winter, and the signs of dwindling inventory are already here. Soon people will just hold their homes, and list them in June, where they are predicted to be 12% than now, whereas in winter home prices are predicted to drop 7%. I fear the homes in winter will only be ones that have sat on the market since summer (half of the ones now are). So basically I’m feeling like the time is now, or suck it up for 8 months, where homes will be even more stupid expensive. I also see NO other scenario for us to break into that area, because everything else is bigly and double the price of this house...


So tomorrow, I’m going to the open house. I don’t think we’ll get it, but I’m going to put myself out there and take a shot. I’ve already notified my realtor and my broker. I want it. But the second best outcome is a full “sour grapes” scenario. Like getting outbid by 50 grand. Or that basement closet being filled with the body-part trophies of a local serial killer. Something like that.

Anyway. Thanks for reading.

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