Our CX-5 is a total base model. So, no XM or anything like that. It does have Bluetooth, but we often listen to FM since our local stations aren’t bad.

However, the radio has become a bit odd recently.

The vehicle has been mostly sitting in the garage since our son Chandler was born on the 8th, but we drove it yesterday, and the radio has sucked since. Every station is full of static and there is a high pitched whine in the background of each station as well. Any ideas? Literally nothing has happened to the radio or antenna as far as I know.

I drove it to the hospital a couple times and it stayed in the parking lot overnight once (since we had to stay with our kid in the NICU, I was going back and forth from hospital to home to get supplies). I never noticed anything odd like someone running into the vehicle or something, though.

I’m assuming a plug on the back of the radio has come loose? Or maybe the antenna itself has come loose. My wife hit the garage door with it a few months ago and knocked it loose, but my friend pulled the headliner down and tightened it back up for me and it’s been fine since. Until now.