Something of a conundrum

I’ve been to a vintage event, where they had oldish (though I remember many of them when they were new) and unusual things.

Like a tricycle. I associate these with kids, but they have them for grownups too.

Here we go.


Let’s learn a bit more.

Now let’s look a bit closer.


Yes, that’s the selector lever from an automatic vehicle turned through 180 deg.

When you’re fitting two reasonably widely spaced rear wheels to your trike it’s best to have a differential and a straightforward way of doing this is to fit a transaxle. It’s easier to use an automatic one because it avoids the problem of having either a hand operated lever working through a H gate, or making up a sequential arrangement. However if you want your fwd transaxle to drive astern you’ll need to turn it through 180 deg. This gives rise to the interesting situation where you now have one forward gear and four reverse ones. So how did the builder get around it?

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