I needed to see this, an I am ordinarily not a BMW fan. But Wow.

I had a weird day today. My younger son is having a rough time. He is an amazing kid-bright, musically talented, and gifted in robotics and science. I am super proud of him.

But he is a quirky, different kid, and does not care about appealing to his peers. He takes no shit, and when kids get after him, he gives it right back. As an example, a girl called him a “faggot” and he told her she was “retarded.” But she went to the teacher (he did not) and we had to fight with them up to the principal.

His class was supposed to go to the water park today, but his best friend is sick, and he begged us not to go. He let slip to hid mom that things are pretty bad for him.

So we let him stay home today. He spent the morning gaming on line with his sick buddy, and I blew off work to take him for a sushi (his favorite) lunch, and to see his therapist. I then took him to see a matinee of Wonder Woman.


I am sad because I want to help him, but junior high seems to suck for everyone. It was a horrible time for me, so I have no insight to offer.

He has a great summer planned. He is going to music camp, and NASA robotics camp in Alabama, where he did space camp last year. He is a great kid, and I wish I could show him how meaningless these kids are in the big picture. I can’t even be mad at them; kids who are mean have sadness driving them.

I have accepted that neither the school nor I can protect him from the reality of the grade 7-8 experience. Kids are going through so much physically and emotionally at that age that we cannnot expect them to be sane. All we can do is our best to help them ride it out.