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Something rare and Italian of which you've never heard (maybe)

This one.

Isotta Fraschini 8C Monterosa by Boneschi. There’s just the one.


Yes, it’s very long at the back. That would be because a 3.4 l V8 lives there, built as one unit with its gearbox and differential, a feature not often encountered. Also not often encountered are the built in hydraulic jacks for each wheel.

No, we don’t see this feature often either. Yes, that’s the spare wheel under the radiator.


You may like to see inside, so here we go. Orange buttons are very much a thing, as are translucent blue sun visors.


Sadly the 8C was very much a car at the wrong time and never went into production so all we have is this one and a coupé.


The company went broke several times and was more recently resurrected by Fincantieri, builders of a substantial portion of the world’s cruise liners. You can therefore still buy Isotta Fraschini engines, including a V16, for powering your boat.

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