I took a 100 mile round trip drive in the Cougar this past weekend to help a friend install a rollbar on his S2K. I had hesitated taking the Cougar because of the forecast, hot, with a chance of more heat. The lack of A/C made the return trek a bit uncomfortable, but it was something far simpler that made the drive a little more nerve wracking.

No passenger side mirror. Simple enough to deal with on a 2 lane road, but when traveling on a multilane highway with a 75 mph speed limit, well, I really missed that mirror! Yes, I stayed in the far right lane as much as I could, and yes I was actually going (at least) the speed limit. But have you tried to go the speed limit on a highway lately? In the 55 mph stretch, I would travel at 60. I basically felt like I was not even moving. Once the limit hit 75, it was nearly comical. People merging on to the highway from normal on ramps and highway merges kept flying up on my right side in that merge lane.

The driver’s side mirror isn’t much better. Gives a great view of my elbow! The mirrors on my Taco have to be at least 4 times larger than the tiny vintage mirror on the Cougar. Time for a Coyote swap so I can speed this sucker up and not worry about checking my side mirrors. Ha!