What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I have an issue, I like building things. I probably enjoy building things more than using them after. I like learning new tricks, finding out what works and what doesn’t, and so long as I don’t actively need it to go to work, I actually like the work itself. I do really, really, really wanna ride this, but wrenching on it has been a lot of fun, and you can see the gsxr 1k I’ve been dicking around on here.

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Everything here is test mounted, the headlight is literally hanging off the front, the speedometer is barely placed in a rough location, while the new rim is in, I haven’t even pulled the old rotors off to check if they are ok yet. Still waiting on a bunch of parts, I liked the list format from last time so let’s run this down:

  • buy and install new lighting and signal switches (left handlebar switches)
  • install bar end weights
  • fabricate, paint, and install speedometer mount
  • install front rim
  • buy and install new front brake rotors (maybe)
  • fabricate extended headlight mount
  • buy and install headlight
  • buy, modify, paint, and install front fender
  • modify and reroute front wiring
  • buy and install coolant overflow bottle
  • buy and install horn
  • buy and install some sort of mirrors
  • torque down all bolts
  • finalize handlebar and control positions
  • paint intercooler black
  • finalize vinyl design
  • learn how to fiberglass and build a cafe tail that uses the stock mounting points for the stock tail, and can use the stock seat or seat cover
  • fix or replace brake cylinder/lever (currently won’t activate the brake switch)
  • mount grips
  • attempt to un-dent the tank with fire and ice
  • repaint tank after melting paint attempting to un-dent tank
  • Buy and install new clutch and brake levers (maybe)
  • install that fuel line clip I forgot on the high-pressure line
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I’ve been doing my homework on some of these things, and my actual homework when I can’t find anything else in order to procrastinate instead, and the idea of getting some shaping foam and glassing my own cafe style tail really interests me. I’m a huge fan of the wasp-waisted look of the gsxr, and would want to sort of emulate that while giving the rear a sort of retro vibe, toss an integrated taillight in there, make it able to still accept the stock pillion seat, and use a stock plastic seat cover with a cafe hump glassed and bolted onto it to get an even better look since I barely ever have a passenger, maybe figure out how to integrate some extra storage in there, something able to hold a drone like a Mavic air with controller would be awesome since I’m probably picking one of those up soon.

I also should probably buy the parts to lift it back to stock height, I’d really like to get rid of my chicken strips, and I’ve ground the pegs on both sides pretty heavily so my chicken strips are more of a physical barrier than a mental one. I’m not sure how involved raising the bike up to get the rear shock mount is, but I’m fairly certain I don’t wanna do it. 

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