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Something that always bugged me about Regular Car Reviews

“Potential is wasted energy”

Makes me cringe, even if I’m not that good at physics anyway.


Potential is according to google:

“having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.”


But the real reason it bothers me is that Potential Energy isn’t waste-able because energy can’t be destroyed. U Is just energy stored in a thing because of its charactersitics. Once you liberate it -you know, when it’s energy- You can feel free to disperse it in ways that aren’t linked to what you want to do.

If you make an inefficient circuit, if you make one of these and there’s a lot of friction in the pullies, or if you don’t feed a car the ideal fuel-air mixture.


If the S2000 has a lot of potential, but potential is wasted energy in the analogy, then virtually every vehicle with an internal combustion engine is the same. As pretty much every single car out there makes more power at higher RPM ranges.


“Potential is wasted energy, I want to see what you’re capable of”

Well, band director, potential energy describes exactly what your students are capable of if you were to throw then down a ledge.


Bah, I'll stick to watching Binging with Babbish.

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