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As a bit of a background, I let Sammy run with my coworker’s dog (who lives across the street) in my backyard to burn off energy. Frequently, his wife and one and a half year old daughter come over to hang out and chat.


Today, Sammy started getting restless and looking out the window. Looked over, saw his wife standing by my work truck. I wondered if I had a flat, but I saw her pick up their daughter and walk back to their yard.

A few minutes later, Sammy started getting restless again. Looked over, the wife was by my car. Poked my head out the door, and I heard the daughter calling “puppy! Puppy!” His wife apologized, and said she’s kept running across the street, looking for the dog. I said I’d bring Sammy out.


So, social distancing in my driveway, Sammy went over to see the daughter, who was giggling and so happy. We sat and talked as Sammy saw the wife and the daughter.

It's not all doom and gloom out there. Look for the moments of joy. Stay safe and take care.

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