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Something Wholesome...

Hi all,

I was browsing the internet for microphones and cameras because I want to have more equipment to record stuff with. So I did some extensive research and obviously read some reviews...


Well, you’re in for a treat, because I stumbled upon the most wholesome reviewer. Gordon’s Views and Reviews. He did a review for the voice recorder I was looking for, the Evistar L36, but that’s not all he does:

He also talks about his grass, which oddly enough is incredibly peaceful. The music, his calm voice, it’s awesome and I needed it. And while I won’t post it here, you don’t have to look deep into his channel to find some of his political commentary, which is very polite and factual if you catch my cold.


I’m now a regular viewer, and maybe even his biggest fan...

On a more car related note, a few of the articles I’ve written have been published on! You’re more than welcome to go tell me how bad they are, how wrong I am, and how stupid I look for having written them. So far I’ve dug into the differences between the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 (I’m a Mazda 3 guy myself, because I don’t have an extra 15 grand to blow), as well as some truck safety stuff like No-Zones.


A couple more articles are scheduled to be released tomorrow, and I hope to churn out at least 3 a week (it’s all about pumping out content, which isn’t ideal, but also isn’t unusual. Still, I’ll do my damndest to write decent stuff).

I’d genuinely appreciate you taking a glance at them, even if they’re... subpar...


Take care folks!

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