Something's wrong with my steering.

Bear with me here as I attempt to diagnose my issue from the computer at work, use my hastily typed notes, and use everyone as a confidant/informant. So here is the issue that has started as of late: I occasional get a notchy sound and feel in wheel when turning at low speeds, multiple clicks at times. There is also an intermittent power steering failure, hard to turn wheel, goes super stiff to normal looser feeling at seemingly random times.

I have check the Power steering reservoir and it is full and I can’t find any leaks. I didn’t notice any tears in the CV Boots while crawling underneath, I will need to get it in the air after work to get a better look.


I suspect at least one of multiple things that I have read about; 1.CV joints/half shafts are done for 2. Steering rack U-joints are frozen 3. Something with the sway bar

So here is my plan of action when I get home.

–Get car in the air to get underneath

–Better checking of the CV boots

–Grab wheels and move back and forth to check for CV failure (Jack up the front and see if there is any give in the wheels? not too sure on that)


–Check the steering rack bushing and U-joints by having someone move the steering wheel while front of car is in the air.

–Check for anything broken or loose on the swaybar/mounts/bushings (Grabbing them and shaking violently?)


Edit: Another common thing I am seeing is an o-ring at the Power steering pump going bad. So I will start it up and remove the power steering cap to look for bubbling/foaming seems to be the way to check that.

Car is an 03 WRX and any sort of other info/ideas/words of encouragement/am I following the proper steps would be greatly appreciated.

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