Sometimes being an adult is the right thing to do

So after i sold my C6, I told my GF that I would take a few m9nths before buying another car to pay down some debt. I have until the end of January to buy one so that I don’t lose the sales tax credit for the Corvette.

So typical me, I’ve been watching every single Fiesta ST/500 Abarth Video - the entire Smoking Tire videos where they also upgrade it, EveryDay Driver’s comparison, and so on.

So I went to True Car yesterday and spec’d a 2015 Fiesta ST w/ the Recaros - that came to $20,500ish. I’d probably qualify for their current 0% financince, and would do 72 months, because why not, it’s free.


After my GF went to sleep, I realized to myself that if I buy the car now, I wouldn’t be able to pay down the debt as fast. And that I really should wait until January to buy - which also means that I don’t have to pay Missouri’s Personal property Tax on it next year, which they charge something like 6% of 1/3 the value every year if you own the car on 1/1. It’s a good fucking scam they have - this year I’ll probably have to pay $600 for the C6 and the ‘09 Accent - and of course they send the bill right around the holidays.

So in the meantime, I’ll try to be happy thrashing the Accent. but come January, I’m sure I’ll be itching for something fun.

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