My Subaru is a good car, and it makes a lot of sense as a daily. I fairly regularly utilize it’s wagon-ness, and the cargo room is wonderful for trips, despite having less room than the Blazer. It’s decent on gas, reliable, the AWD system is wonderful in the snow and especially rain that is semi-constant during three of the seasons. Basically, it’s a grown-up car, the sensible choice. Not that I actually chose it, I inherited it. Because of that, I don’t have the option to sell it when I get bored, like I have with any other cars. I would feel too guilty about selling it, it would be disrespectful to my grandpa, who decided I was the one who should take care of his car when he was no longer able to.

My problem is that I feel boring, and am bored, driving it every day. I miss dailying an old BMW, or my Blazer, or something that required attention. Maybe I just miss the idea of it, since in reality it is better to not be randomly stranded by 35 year old fuel injection, or a moody starter motor.

I do have the Raider, and to a large extent it was scratching that itch by driving it on weekends, or really just whenever I felt like the Subaru was too boring. However, I only had it insured for three months, hoping to get it behaving well enough to take on some off-road trips. That didn’t happen, since all the wildfires up here closed a lot of the backcountry, and I still don’t have it quite where I want it for trips. I can’t justify insuring it again until I want to drop more money on it, and actually have some trips mapped out. I also can’t justify spending the ~$650 or so on insurance when I’ll be spending nearly that much on a trip to Tofino next month.


So the Raider sits until next spring, when, if I’ve controlled my spending, I can throw some more money at it, and do some off-road trips.

And then there’s the Volvo. If I had it up and running, that might also help with not feeling boring. It needs a lot thrown at it to be on the road again, and I really don’t think it’ll happen any time soon, unless I get myself a significantly better paying job.


Now I know that a Dodge Raider and a nearly 50 year old Volvo can’t be considered practical, but it’s the driving the Subaru every day, and leaving these two on the back burner that is the practical thing. I can’t see any way around that, unless I exponentially increase my income, and get myself the space, time, and money for more cars. Those things coming after better housing, my significant other, and about at the same level of priority as traveling, and then stereo equipment somewhere after that.... I mean really, at my income level I should barely have one car, let alone three. They just all mean too much for me to consider selling any of them, and I sure as hell can’t have more.


Anyways, this turned into more of a typed-out conversation with myself instead of the vaguely cohesive post I had in mind. Oh and don’t misconstrue this as complaining or whining in any way, I’m very lucky to have as much as I do, and am not ungrateful for it. This is just musing/reminiscing/stream of consciousness.