Sometimes I hate selling things... (Update: Oh god, it's payday)

Update: Facebook has become a treasure trove overnight. I’ve only gotten a few messages from Craigslist, however the messages from Facebook are flooding in at a crazy rate. I woke up to ten messages and had ten more by time I got to work. I guess since it’s payday people are wanting to buy stuff. Most of the people read and are giving me serious offers. I’m putting them against each other for more monies.

The highest “bidder” so far is someone willing to pay $225 if I’m willing to deliver it. Just my luck, the guy lives a few miles from where the Chinese Ruckus guy lives, so delivery is no issue!

Original post:


Oppo knows me for my famous phone flips. This is because I used to constantly keep an eBay window open looking for someone getting rid of their device for way less than they should. I’ve started doing this with scooters and bikes...Uh, it’s probably an unhealthy habit. Anyway, selling them is always the worst part. It’s not the lowballers that bother me, it’s not even the wait, but it’s the people who don’t read.

I’m a super detailed and super thorough person. If you’re buying a thing from me, you can rest assured that you’re getting the whole truth.

However, you will only get the whole truth if you read the darned ad...

Tomorrow I’m supposed to pick up a 150cc Chinese Ruckus for a very low price. I’m stoked about it because I’ll basically get to scratch my Grom/Ruckus bike itch, have a bike for the Gambler 500, keep the Rebel, and not cost myself any real money. It’s like the best win/win.


That means I officially put Imperator Slowiosa up for sale.


The original price was $200. I based the price on a few factors:

1) A 150cc GY6 will cost you like $200-$300 plus shipping.

2) 50cc to 150cc engine swaps are somewhat popular and usually require the engine, transmission, and rear wheel. This scooter has all of that and they’re in new condition.


3) The scooter can be revived with not much additional work. I got the engine to fire and run, now the fuel system south of the carb needs to be settled and it should run like a champ.

Thus far, the majority of the responses I’ve gotten have been (in order):

1) People expecting it to come with the front fairing then getting offended when I say it doesn’t come with it. Don’t attack me, it’s not my fault you can’t read.


2) People offering less than 50% of the asking price because of the missing front fairing. Look, at worst it’s a parts scooter with basically brand new parts, at best it’s a project that can get running in a matter of a couple hours with someone who knows what they’re doing. Either way, the darn thing’s worth more than the ask.

3) People asking if it “runs good”. Seriously?

4) People asking if it has a title...Again, reading is fundamental.

Based on the rather stern words from these people, I dropped the price to $150. Am I crazy? I think I’m being pretty reasonable here.


Lesson learned from my first real project vehicle: Save any parts you may need later, even if you don’t think you’ll ever need them again.

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