Sometimes I just have to stop and appreciate what's around me.

Normally I just drive through on the PCH during my commute and don’t really take the time to appreciate it. Sure, I see the beauty, feel the nice sea breeze, and just take it in a bit. But thats not the same as stopping for a bit to just watch/hear the waves crash and really take a look around. Something about the ocean is always relaxing to me (as long as its not a crowded tourist trap). It is just nice to take a stroll and enjoy everything at a relaxed pace. I didnt have long to take it in as I had places to be but it sure is a treat that I need to remember to appreciate more often.


Overall, it reminds me that I really am living in a paradise now, despite the fires, mudslides, threat of earthquakes, hellscape traffic, and masses of stupid people. It also reinforces the fact that I need to do some more hiking to appreciate the natural beauty and escape from the crappy stuff. Make this your notification that stopping to enjoy the small things around you is always worth the time.

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