Sometimes I think I should whitlelist Kinja on my ad blocker

I do want them to have money to keep the sites up after all. Then I find myself browsing without an ad blocker, and get reminders of why I don’t:

Some malicious ad (I was checking a notification on an old Deadspin article: We’ll Never Colonize Space) redirected me to this. Note the speaker in the tab, this page was emitting an extremely loud high pitched tone. This is not directly their fault (ad networks are amazing complex), but other large sites manage to avoid this sort of shit (at least the vast majority of the time). In any event, I guess Univsion will have to be satisfied with me buying stuff I don’t need via Kinja Deals.


For the curious, my system files have of course not been deleted (my Bluetooth adapter stopped working last week, but that’s an unrelated piece of weirdness).

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