Well turns out the first master cylinder I got was the issue. Returned it, ordered another one, got it, installed it, bled very easily, and now my clutch works better than it ever has.

Fun fact the, I believe 92 and up, C4s will self bleed once you get enough fluid in the system. For instance I used and suction bleeder to get it to what I felt was about 95% bled. And with that knowledge I stopped cleaned up and took the car for a test drive and everything functioned. I waited a few hours and went for a drive and the clutch was perfect! Got home and the level in the reservoir had dropped a little giving me evidence it had self bled and I topped it off.

After all that I got the new wheel and hub installed

Photo: CaptDale

Sadly even though I thought I had the marks lined up, I am off I think a tooth. That is ok cause I have to take it apart anyway due to the lovely 80s-90s GM tilt steering issue where the bolts come loose and let the wheel wobble around. It was tolerable before, but now it is down right bad. So disassemble the column, take the bolts out, locktite them, and reinstall everything. Thanks GM.

After that I finished the rally light install.

Photo: CaptDale
Photo: CaptDale

I love the look and am decently happy with the result. The aftermarket clear front bumper insert is less quality than I had hoped for. This is also my first design. I have a second bumper for this car once I figure out how I want this set up. Unfortunately the Hella 500s that I got are only meant to be mounted vertically. I have them mounted horizontally to the impact bar since mounting them vertically would require mounting into the bumper facia itself and I didn’t want that. I will have to devise another mounting method because the beam of light that should be horizontal with the road is now perpendicular. I suppose that would work for lighting a straight beam ahead, but would blind people and not really work to light very dark roads.

Photo: google

Obvious inspiration is obvious.

There is also a CEL for

DTC 26 – Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Canister Purge Solenoid Valve Circuit

So I swapped out the purge valve at the manifold and the VERY dry rotted vacuum line. Still getting the code. Which means I am still having long starts. I am not sure what else to look at to see what is going on. So any C4 guys if you know or any Oppo techs have any suggestions. Sadly looking through the forum is a PIA because 1992-1996 and  1990-1993 have different meanings for the same trouble code numbers not even then going into the 1984-1989 cars too.

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